View Full Version : Unusual problem with scrolling titles

2008-09-27, 11:12
I recently noticed that scrolling titles on my SB3 seem to disable my screensaver settings. Normally, if I push the "Now Playing" button, the title of the track shows for 10 seconds and then it goes back to my "Now Playing" saver, Analog VU. If the title of the track is long enough that it scrolls, however, it never goes back to Analog VU.

I have a number of plugins running:

- Alien
- LazySearch2
- PowerSave
- ResetVolume
- StatusFirst
- WeatherTime

...and I'll do some diagnostics with them to see if any are causing this behavior. But, I wondered if anyone has already faced this problem and figured it out. If so, will you please reply? Thanks.

9/28 Update
I disabled all plugins and still see the same behavior described above.

9/29 Update
The problem was caused by "Scroll Mode" setting in SC (Player > Display). I had set it for "Scroll once and stop". When I set it back to "Default Scrolling", the screensavers worked as expected.
SC 7.2 - 22900 on WinXP Pro SP3; SB3 firmware 112