View Full Version : Command Line Interface

Niek Jongerius
2004-04-08, 13:08
>> Damn. Must be sleeping already. You want to check whether a Squeeze or
>> a Slim is active. They don't listen on TCP ports (well, at least mine
>> doesn't). But you should be able to just ping the IP address you
>> received
>> from the query to the server. This would establish that there is some
>> device on the network using that address. Whether that's still the
>> player
>> could still be a question, unless you're sure this address won't be
>> hijacked by some other device.

> That won't work well for SoftSqueeze clients, because the host computer
> will (likely) respond to the ping but that tells you nothing about the
> presence of the client.

True. The SoftSqueeze cannot be detected remotely (unless you resort to
sniffing the wire, but that's probably a bit too desparate).