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2008-09-27, 03:36

2 day old user here and just want to check I have got the basics right.

The receiver is connected to my network via a cable, so does that mean the wifi connection is automatically not used?

Sometimes the wifi signal meter on the contoller turns red. I have downloaded and read the guide but didnt see why that happened.

When I go to SN I can see both the duet and player, but only the duet is saying it is connected.

When I change music sources, from my server to Squeezenetwork (which I need to do in order to listen to Internet radio), it all goes funny. It wont connect and if I try to go back to selecting the server it shows a tick, but thats it; no main menu.

I have tried rebooting, pressing in the button on the receiver but can not get it to re-connect.

Off to randomly press more buttons in the hope it starts working again!

2008-09-29, 15:54
So wired vs wireless is set only during initial setup. If you want to change that setting you have to do a factory reset, and then have the ethernet cable plugged into Squeezebox Receiver during the setup process.

You DO NOT need to change music sources to listen to Internet radio. Just make sure you have your SN username and password entered in the Settings -> SqueezeNetwork tab in the SC web interface and you can access everything through SqueezeCenter.

For your Controller issue you should contact support:



2008-09-29, 15:56
I am currently on the phone to them now; or rather on hold ;)
Had to give up, hold time were just too long from the UK.

I do have those details entered, but it isnt working. I can stream shoutcast on the server where SC is installed via Winamp.

2008-09-30, 10:43
Try the email form, they will respond to you.