View Full Version : Duet Controller - missing icons and artwork for Internet and Music services

2008-09-26, 23:28
I have searched the forum and not found this exact issue.

My 2 week old Duet has lost the display of the album artwork for Music services (specifically Pandora) and the channel icons for Sirius in channel list and during channel playback. Artwork for all music library selections displays fine.

I have done factory resets for controller and receiver, with no change.

I am running SqueezeCenter 7.2 on Mac Pro. Icons display fine using web access from Mac. Firmware version 47.

Any help is appreciated.

edit: Controller is connected to wireless router. Receiver is configured with ethernet connection. Everything was working fine until the controller battery ran out (display showed white battery icon). The behavior above was observed after the controller had been charged for several hours, and I went to use the system.

2009-03-06, 15:56
I had this problem initially and it was caused by my router. If you lookup your router model number you may find same issue. That said, I just spontaneously lost my artwork.

2009-03-07, 04:57
I did a Factory Reset on just the controller and it resolved itself. This has happened a few times (loosing artwork) so there is clearly an issue somewhere.