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Matt Abbott
2008-09-26, 11:59
My iTunes library has 15800 tracks in it. I set all the Use iTunes settings in the Squeeze Center. I start the rescan, and SC starts by saying importing 1 out of 15800 songs, and goes up until 6444, and then finishes. Why doesn't it scan them all in ? Yes some tracks are from iTunes Store, but only a few dozen, maybe more. The tracks that I can clearly see appear in iTunes but not the SC library are generally all from CDs uploaded into iTunes over the years.
Is there something with the authoring ? I've tried to see if anything in iTunes is specific to the tracks not imported but can find nothing ?

Anyone any ideas ?

Regards, Matt

2009-04-11, 04:17
looking for an answer to the same question - worse still i had all of them once

2009-04-11, 04:34
Don't know why this happens (slow loading file system??) but occasionally all of my settings within the prefs files gets lost - so I need to go and reset everything: location of music folder, RSS feeds, Display formats, etc. Most important the location of iTunes XML library file. It sometimes get's ser\t to 'local service' vice my own 'Document's under my username. So check your settings, something may have changed!

2009-04-13, 13:12
I have over 9000 tracks and SC gets them all.

Are you running iTunes on Windows or Mac.?
Is SC running on the same box or another box, if so how are they connected.?

Personally, I have my iTunes software running on a Mac mini with a read-only view to a share on my storage server (don't want iTunes to screw up my tags).
My SC is running on the Mac, so it reads the iTunes XML file quickly - it only takes about a minute.