View Full Version : Duet Receiver replacement antenna?

2008-09-26, 01:32
Before I go ahead and invalidate my warranty....

Has anyone seen inside the Duet Receiver?
Would it be possible to replace the internal wi-fi antenna with maybe an external fitting? Possibly unscrew the internal one and fit an external with a short lead?

My problem is that I have the DR inside a wooden cabinet at the far end of the house from my router.
Everything was fine until a recent bi-annual-move-the-furniture-around.
Now the cabinet is placed in an alcove next to a large metal fireplace.

If I bring the DR outside the cabinet into 'sight' of the router it receives OK, but tucked away inside the cabinet it is flaky.
My thoughts were an external antenna of some sort.

2008-09-26, 06:17
See photos here (have to scroll past the SBC photos at the top) http://www.electricstuff.co.uk/sbduet.html