View Full Version : IR Repeater on different SqueezeBox

2008-09-25, 15:37

I have ordered two sets of IR emitters. I don't know which side of a soldering bolt is the hot side so decided to pay someone for these.

Anyway they will be useful in the normal usage scenario (e.g. turning amp on etc).

What would be very useful for me is if they can act as repeaters to. Specifically I want any IR signal in my bedroom to be repeated by the living room SB3. This will allow me to change channel on my satellite receiver\pvr from the bedroom.

Is this possible\easy to implement?


2008-09-25, 17:09
I don't think the IR-Blaster plugin has the ability to repeat to a different player (although it can repeat locally). Maybe drop the author a line and suggest an enhancement?