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2008-09-24, 00:53
Having had a squeezebox for several years, I realise I would use it more/better if I could synchronise my music better.

To explain: I have loads of flac files on my windows server which runs the squeezebox in my living room. I did a one time convert to mp3 to populate my itunes library on my mac to sync to my ipod and phone (not iphone).

But there is no synchronisation between the 2. New albums ripped to flac (via EAC) don't appear in itunes, unless I do it manually. Any playcount data from my ipod doesn't reflect into my squeezebox. Playlists created on the squeezebox aren't available in itunes or ipod. Ratings of songs in itunes aren't available in squeezebox. Consequently I don't use any of the playlist/ratings functionality.

So I dig around,

I could convert FLAC to ALAC and point my laptop itunes library (it's too big to store on the laptop) to the server, but then when I sync to my ipod it would copy the lossless files to my ipod which is only 2GB, so that's not good. I could use the many scripts available to convert FLAC to mp3 automatically, but itunes doesn't watch folders so I would still have to manually import the mp3 files. I'd have up-to-date music in my library but it wouldn't transfer the playcounts and playlists.

I'm lost with this, is there a way round it? Ideally I want a FLAC or ALAC itunes library on my windows box, a MP3 itunes library on my macbook and for them to share the metadata. I then want my squeezebox to work via the itunes library on my windows server. Want, want, want eh?

Do I need to learn to program?

2008-09-26, 00:46
Ok, so I'm now thinking of this scenario;

Music Library stored as FLAC files as it is now.
One of the excellent scripts for automagically converting them to MP3 in another location on the same server.

Itunes Library on my Laptop with a script to scan the MP3 location on my server and add the tracks that are new to itself.

If Squeezecenter reads the XML file only to integrate with Itunes;

Sync my itunes library XML file to the windows server (as my laptop is not always running. Run some kind of Find and Replace on the copied XML file to point strip mention of the MP3 files and replace with FLAC Then tell Squeezecenter about this XML file and the true location of the music folder.

The FLAC to MP3 conversion is straightforward once I can get the FLAC2MP3 Scripts working.
Hopefully the Itunes adding script works ok (from Doug's applescripts for Itunes)
Then I need to find a way of automating the find-replace function, I'm thinking Autohotkey on my windows server might be a place to start.

That would mean I have data (playlists, playcounts?) going from Itunes to my squeezebox, but how would it work the other way round. I know Itunes only reads the XML file if it's Library is damaged, so if Squeezecenter manipulates the XML file, it wouldn't work. I notice there's a plugin to adjust playcount at least from Squeezebox back into Itunes. How does that work I wonder?

2008-09-26, 08:25
Hopefully this works;

Hacked a script together in Autohotkey to read through a itunes.xml file and replace the .mp3 extension with .flac. If I have identical directory structures, then I should be able to point squeezecenter at the modified xml file to understand the metadata from itunes about the flac files, rather than the mp3 versions.

[I'm posting all this here, so that anyone who wants to try this can chip in and tell me I'm doing it wrong, or want to copy my strategy (if it works)]