View Full Version : Strange Boom/SBR interaction

2008-09-23, 19:05
OK - so I have been troubled this evening by my Boom. It actually started a couple days ago when I tried to have the Boom connect from SN to my local server. It refused to connect. I thought no big deal, I will just listen to Pandora and never though much more about it.

Then today I tried that again. Still didn't work, so I added my two squeezebox receivers to SN and tried to get everything to sync up. It refused to play any streams, saying that the stream was disconnected and it was skipping the song.

I did a factory reset on the Boom and that still didn't help.

Where I stand in a nutshell is this
1) The Boom won't connect to my SC, but works fine on SN - as long as it is the only device logged in.
2) Other devices work fine on SN as long as the Boom isn't on there too
3) If I try and connect the Boom to my SC it won't connect and hoses up the server and I have to reset it. (I am running the 7.2.1 test version on Ubuntu)

Anyone have any ideas?

2008-09-23, 22:56
> Anyone have any ideas?

Check the players' IP addresses. Sounds like an address conflict to me.


2008-09-24, 17:23
Well, I may have finally figured it out. One thing I was neglecting to do was reboot all of the squeezeboxes after the failed connections to the 7.2.1 server. Once I rolled back to 7.2 and rebooted all of the devices everyone is happy. I did go ahead and put static (through my dhcp server) IP addresses to all of the boxes while troubleshooting too. I figured it can't hurt to prevent future issues.