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2008-09-23, 16:25
I’m considering buying an Acer Aspire L5100 desktop to put upstairs in the family room to store/run FLAC files primarily but also give our frequent guests internet access (so they don’t need my computer). This computer would be wired to the rangebooster. I have two Dell laptops running off the same router: 1) my personal pc using XP Home and wireless and 2) a business laptop using XP Pro but is dialed into a VPN most of the time and shouldn’t really get mixed up with file sharing to the other two. I’d like to be able to access the FLAC files on the desktop from my personal laptap via SqueezeCenter. It is, of course, incredible easy to find good deals on desktops with Vista Home but not so with XP. Add to that I know nothing about file sharing or Vista. Am I asking for trouble to have one XP computer and one Vista computer and attempt to share files?

I have three Squeezebox in the house running on the current network if that makes any difference to the discussion.

2008-09-23, 16:36
Am I asking for trouble to have one XP computer and one Vista computer and attempt to share files?

No, not at all.

2008-09-23, 16:42
Googling for file sharing between XP and Vista returns a nightmare of answers, but most are from 2007. Did MS clean up its Vista act that much?

Honest to goodness, a computer programmer friend last night commented, when we were finding such good deals for Vista machines, "well someone is going to have to take the plunge." A local computer consultant advertises XP installation as an "upgrade" from Vista. The idea of Vista gives me the shivers.

2008-09-23, 18:49
Google around for anything and you'll find horror stories if that's what you're looking for (just look at this forum!). I don't personally run Vista but everyone I know who do have no problems with it. Home networking/file sharing can always throw up interesting problems, and Vista certainly isn't immune to those, but I don't know of any reason to think a Vista/XP combo will be any harder that Vista/Vista or XP/XP - particularly if you take time to understand the differences (such as the new security model).

2008-09-25, 00:34
Sharing files between Vista and XP should be completely transparent. While Vista is certainly different from XP many of the horror stories were I think related to pre Vista SP1 releases and hardware incompatibility issues. If you buy a new machine with Vista SP1 on it then these should not be a problem.

Black Pearl
2008-09-25, 06:15
I have a desktop tower running XP Home in a cupboard upstairs with all my music and photographs on it. It is plugged into a BT Home Hub and I have no problems with the SB talking to it wirelessly. I even have the Wake-On-Lan working so it is off untill I switch the SB on then goes back into hibernation when I'm finnished. My Dell 1720 running Vista connects perfectly and SqueezeCentre works every time.