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2008-09-23, 11:24

I've had my squeeze box duet for about a week. Turned it on this morning and got nothing but a blinking purple light on the receiver. Doesn't look good, modern tech trounced by my 80's tech CD player.

I hope the returns policy isn't too strict as I've tossed the packaging away.

Any advice?

2008-09-23, 11:32
Best bet, contact support@slimdevices.com for info (or call them if you want more direct contact). If you purchased direct from SD, you can get an RMA and returns are reportedly fairly simple. If you purchased from a local retailer, you'll need to work through them.


2008-09-23, 11:35
Please contact support:


You need to arrange an RMA.

From the user guide (http://www.slimdevices.com/documentation/WEB_Duet_User_Guide_EN.pdf):

Blinking Purple: This indicates an unrecoverable hardware error.
Please contact Logitech Technical Support for an
RMA. Even if cycling Squeezebox Receiverís power
alleviates the problem, the player should still be
returned for a replacement.


2008-09-23, 12:22
If you talk nice to support and get their permission first... (since this will void your warranty otherwise), it may be the same problem I had...

My SBC bounced off the floor a few times (I have the most ungraceful of cats...) I got the dreaded purple light.

Opening it up and reseating the wireless card fixed the problem.

You need a T-4 (i think) driver, which is a couple bucks at any decent hardware store.

2008-09-23, 17:35
This can help you track down what may be at fault.. easy first step is to try a factory reset.


2008-09-24, 08:38
No, The first step is to contact support for an RMA.

He has a hardware issue.