View Full Version : BUG: SC 7.2, classic, Firefox 3.0.1

2008-09-23, 11:10
There seems to be a bug in the SC 7.2 classic skin when using Firefox (verified with 3.0.1 linux) when switching to "Gallery View" is impossible. The link in "Text View" is incorrectly pointing right back to the "Text View". This does not seem to be a problem at all testing in IE.

2008-09-23, 11:45
Seems to work ok here (winxp, ff 3.0.1, sc 7.2.1). True, what I have a slightly newer but the code for classic skin hasn't changed in that area since the release of 7.2.

The link for text view (shows in the status bar at the bottom) while in text mode should be "javascript:toggleGalleryView(1)", tooltip says "Large Artwork". In gallery mode, 1 changes to 0 with a tooltip of "text only".

If this is not the case, please try clearing your browser cache and try the steps again. If you still have a problem feel free to file a bug report at bugs.slimdevices.com. You'll need to create a new sign-in, but that's the proper place for bug reports/tracking.

You may also wish to try the firebug addon for FF which can report any javascript errors. Those would be useful notes to add to the report when someone tries to locate the problem (especially if they, too, cannot duplicate the problem)