View Full Version : new added music not visible on the duet controller

2008-09-23, 10:00

i addes some new songs to my SqueezeCenter and after this i scanned my music liberay again and if i search on the webinterface for the new songs i find them. But if i search with my duet controller i don't find the new songs.
I restarted the controller but in dont find the songs :(
Did anybody know what is the problem or what did i wrong?

Hope somebody can help me
Best regards

EDIT: If i start the song on the webinterface i see the right cover and so on on the duet controller but there are wrong TAG settings. On the Artist setting is some wrong infos, On the webinterface all infos are correct but on the duet controller not - i dont undertand this

please help me :)

2008-09-23, 10:09
Hi, Have you deleted your library before your new scan?

2008-09-23, 10:11
How are you searching for the songs on the Controller? By Artist name or Album?

Also, can you browse to the songs under the Music Library (for example by going to New Music)?

If the album is a compilation the songs won't come up on an Artist search - what happens if you search for the album name on the controller?

2008-09-23, 10:15
deleted? no - is this necessary?
i understand this so that this option will delete my hole music songs?

2008-09-26, 05:51
so i found the problem.

If i look at the Mp3 Tags with the tool mp3tag, there is all normal.
If i search on the squeezeCenter for the song the artist is totaly wrong - is called "reggae" and not "ziggy marley". I dont find this Mp3 Tag - any idea what i did wrong?

I hope somebody can help me

Mark Lanctot
2008-09-26, 08:15
It still sounds like there are tag problems, almost like tag fields are getting mixed up - the genre tag going where the artist tag should be.

Get Mp3tag to display all tag types, see http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Mp3tagGuide Make sure you're only using one file type, ID3v2.3. Delete ID3v1 tags and APEv2 tags.

Also when you rescan, don't use "look for new and changed music". Always use "clear library and rescan everything".

2008-09-27, 01:00
Thank you - yeah thats the problem - the genre tag is the artist tag it looks like your description.
I used MP3Tag but there are all Tags OK. Only one Tag File type is used.

I try now to rescan the libary with the option "clean und rescan". I hope that will fix the problem.