View Full Version : Jumping to next song in Random Play

2008-09-23, 09:21
Since upgrading to SC7 (currently on 7.2) I have noticed some songs stop momentarily part way through and then the SB3 moves to the next song in the random list and continues playing. If I step back to the 'rogue' song it plays through normally. Most of my listening is on Random Song Mix so not sure if this is a problem specific to that mode. Songs (13,000) are FLAC encoded on to a ReadyNAS NV with SC running on a Dell headless server XP. Oddly, I have not noticed this behaviour with my Transporter operating on Random Mix.

Anyone else seen (heard) this? Could it be SB3 specific? I have removed 'crossfade' but I am at a loss to think what else could be causing the problem. Suggestions most appreciated.


2008-09-23, 09:37
I play mainly Random Mix on my Duet from a 38,000 tune library. When I press skip several times , the remote freezes then takes a minute to reconnect to the server. If I wait 5 seconds or more between songs it is less likely to occur though it does freeze up half the time.