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2008-09-23, 07:09
Hello. I'm trying to troubleshoot some comm problems / lockups with Duet controller / receivers and have a general question (sort of)

Let's say I have a WIRED Duet receiver in a location that also happens to be in a good to excellent WIFI area due to a nearby installed WAP in the LAN.

Will the Duet remote reliably see the receiver via it's own radio, hop back and forth between it's own radio and the WAP, latch on to the WAP to get to the Duet receiver, or some weird combination of the above?

Appreciate any insight on this.

EDIT: I can add in equipment but at this point I'm asking the question on a design level only. (unless the gear you use actually makes a difference of course, but I hope not) Let's assume that you have a ethernet location such as a kitchen. You need good wifi in the kitchen for general network use AND you also happen to have a duet receiver (wired etherenet) / controller. They are installed in close proximity to each other. What PATH with the Duet controlller take to the receiver and will it be consistant? That may be a better way to ask the question.


2008-09-23, 16:20
The Controller either connects through your wireless network, or in Bridged mode thru a wired Receiver.

It's a one or the other choice of mode, and you chose the method during initial setup only. The only way to switch between the two wireless modes is to repeat initial setup.


2008-09-23, 16:42
Thanks for your reply Mike.
I guess I'm still a bit confused though. What specific part of the initial setup indicates that I am communicating to the receiver directly as opposed to connecting via a wireless access point, etc. ?

A single, wired duet receiver and a user confined to the installed location with no other wireless devices nearby seems easy and obvious to me. It should work and work well.

However, I believe it is common place for an installation environment to have one or more wired receivers as well as an unrelated wireless network.

What happens when a user strolls throughout a home with good wireless coverage? Will the remote still function? I was under the impression that the remote is designed to detect new wireless coverage and connect to (or at least re-discover) the installed duets and control them. It sounds as if the result is entirely dependent on the initial setup?