View Full Version : Network Test & SBR

2008-09-23, 01:55
I'm thinking of starting to get my music as FLACs rather than MP3s but first I'd like to make sure my network can cope with streaming FLAC to 4 SqueezeBoxes simultaneously.

I can run the Network Test on my SBB & SB3 just fine. Initialy I couldn't find the option on my SBR and then found that it's menu shortcut was disabled on the controller. After enabling it I could run the test but I'm unsure what I was actually testing.

It said something along the lines of "Test to Kitchen" where Kitchen is the name of my SBR. Is the Network test a test of streaming from the SBC to the SBR (which is how it's worded), the server to the SBR, the SBC to the sever or something else?


2008-09-23, 11:05
Server to SBR. (The same way your music goes.) You need a minimum of 2000 @ 100% to consider flac.
Build some test files and give them a listen as well.