View Full Version : Error when trying to update from r2907 via controller UI ?

2008-09-23, 00:04
I'm using SC 7.2.1 nightly (23233 current version) and since more than 10 days i'm unable to update JIVE via the controller UI menu.

I'm sticked on the r2907 version and my controller display an error (see server logs) when i try to update.

Thank's for any idea.

Here is the log message extract:

2821: [08-09-23 07:04:11.6779] Slim::Utils::Firmware::downloadAsyncError (500) Warning: Firmware: Failed to download http://update.slimdevices.com/update/firmware/7.2.1/jive_7.2_r2920.bin.sha (Validation of firmware /volume1/SqueezeCenter/Cache/jive_7.2_r2920.bin failed, SHA1 checksum did not match), will try again in 10 minute