View Full Version : Soft Squeezebox 3.0 Skin

Graham Scott
2004-04-08, 05:31
Here's an update on the progress of the Soft Squeezebox *skin only*

Following user feedback, the following changes will be made to the
Excession (default) skin:

- adjust start position of Soft Squeezebox from top left corner to avoid
Mac menu bar

- Swap volume buttons over
- rearrange number so that 0 comes after 9 (possibly changing to phone
style layout

- Move playing controls to main window and move browser, options & about
buttons to remote

The next update will also have the ability to swap skins, probably at
the command line initially. Two more skins are in development so far -
one of which is a large skin for all you high-res large monitor folk...

Any suggestions gratefully received. If you wish, email me direct to
save cluttering the list..