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2008-09-21, 16:06
Im running a new controller and SC 7.2. My artwork is in my .mp3 tags currently and SC shows them just fine however my controller never shows any artwork whatsoever now. When i first set it up, there was some artwork but now none. I used to have cover.jpg files in my folders but moved to ID3 tags. From reading other posts, I decided to remove all my cover.jpg files and rely strictly on the ID3 tags. After full rescans, I get artwork in SC but nada on the controller. Any suggestions?

Im running Vista 32-bit but it doesn't seem to be an OS issue?

Oh yeah, another odd thing that may or may not be related... my wireless icon is RED now (still at full strength), I don't believe it was that way before when I sometimes had album art.

thanks in advance...


2008-09-21, 18:02
I've got the exact same problem. Running XP so would imagine this is probably a 'feature' of 7.2.

2008-09-21, 18:57
Well, it seems that if I reset the controller by taking out the battery, it solves both my problems at least temporarily... my album art is now showing up and my wireless signal icon is back to being white. So, looks like this is one of the quirks with the wireless on the controller. I will post back here if it goes back to red and see if the album art dissapears simultaneously.


Mike Anderson
2008-11-15, 10:27
I had the exact same problem on Windows XP, and the same solution also worked for me (for now).