View Full Version : Netbook Flexibility

2008-09-21, 13:51
I am tempted to buy a SB Classic, get used to it using its dumb remote, then buy a netbook to use as an armchair controller, emailer and surfer.

What is the internal sound like on these various netbooks? I could use it with earphones as a travelling music box - I wouldn't walk around the streets wired up, but it could be useful in a hotel room.

I guess I would get better quality with something a M-Audio Transit attached, but in order to do that would I have to limit myself to an XP machine?

2008-09-21, 14:36
There are plenty of USB dac/amps that use generic drivers and can used with other OSs than Windows if the is what you're asking. The Headamp Pico and RSA Predator are two great examples. And of course you could go with an iPhone/iPod touch and use iPeng to interface with SqueezeCenter instead of a Netbook. All depends on you uses.