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2008-09-21, 08:55
Greatings earthlings

I would like to move the file myradio.opml from the cache directory to a place where it would be easier for me to edit it.

In the server.prefs file the cache directory is defined.

Unfortunately the myradio.opml file is not the only file lying in the cache directory. Making the change in the server.prefs file would therefore force me to move all the other files in the cache directory and I would prefer not to.

So can anyone inhere help me in the right direction on how to obtain this?

Any help would be much appreciated


2008-10-13, 22:36
Where is the server.prefs file? I am attempting to locate the myradio.opml file.

I'm using Windows XP, Squeezecenter 7.2 build???

EDIT - I found where you set the Playlist folder in the Squeezecenter Settings web page Basic Settings tab.
Looking here, I found the myradio.opml file

2008-10-14, 00:21
> Where is the server.prefs file?

You'll find the system paths in Settings/Status.