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2008-09-21, 04:23
What is the definition of "New music" on the SC7.2?

Albums appear under "New Music" that I have played at least 327 times (Porcupine Tree - Deadwing, awesome).

Furthermore of the albums under "New Music" about 73% show the album art the other show the default gray icon.

2008-09-21, 04:41

New music looks at the "date modified" of your files and lists the most recent albums (the number it lists can be changed in SC Settings). Normally this will be the most recently ripped, but in your case, it sounds like you have modified the tags on the Porcupuine Tree album.

If artwork isn't being picked up, try a full clear and rescan - if that doesn't work, how are you adding the artwork?

2008-09-21, 04:57
Thanks Siduhe, I knew I'd aksed that before <blush> but it did not appear when doing a search on "New Music", nevermind.

Did a Full Rescan. Now another album "Aimee Mann - Lost in Space" lost its album icon. But only in the New Music and the Album pages. When I click on the album, voilá the Album art is there. Odd.

The album btw was added on 3rd of Aug 2008. Does that qualify as "New"? Or is this dependent on the number of albums (tracks?) to show here?

Change request: As soon as a track is played once it is removed from the "New Music" list.

Oh, and all my album art are in "Folder.jpg" a 200*200 scanned image as that is what dbPowerAmp does, I believe

2008-09-21, 07:13
If you rename the artwork from "Folder.jpg" to "folder.jpg" on a couple of the albums where artwork is missing, and then do a clear and rescan, does that solve the problem? SC can be case sensitive depending on your precise setup. Also check that it's not "folder.JPG" which has caused problems for others in the past.

Oh and, the actual date of the new music isn't particularly relevant - SC will show the last 10/20/50/100 albums (or whatever number you have set in the Settings) - so the relevance is whether it is the last 10/20/50/100 albums by date.

2008-09-21, 08:09
Thanks again Siduhe,

It's named Folder.jpg. The Album art is visible only on the album page itself not on the New Music, Albums, Artist/Aimee Mann page. I did a rescan a couple of times now. There is nothing the in scanner.log
I renamed Folder.jpg to folder.jpg as you suggested and did a rescan new & changed music. But that not really helped.

I guess this has less to do with the New Music issue as well as a more general Album Art issue that seems to haunt SC.

2008-09-21, 08:29
You'll need to do a full clear and rescan to pick up changes to album art in existing files, not new and changed music.