View Full Version : Automatic Display Brightnes, removed or moved?

2008-09-21, 01:24

I just updated to Squeezecenter 7.2 from 7.0.1, and then I noticed that on the Player settings -> Display there is no more the setting for Automatic Display Brightness.
Has this setting been removed or just moved (I can't find it anywhere else)?
If it has been removed would there be any other way to set this?
I have a screensaver that need this setting to be set to Adjust Brightness Manually.

Many thanks!


2008-09-21, 04:16
Under Player select Display. There is Power On, Power Of, Idle Brightness. Is this what you are looking for? I do not remember a "Automatic Brightness Control" but cannot check this anymore.

2008-09-21, 07:22
th00ht, in 7.0.1 and earlier versions there are On, Off and Idle as you say, but there is also an Automatic Display Brightness.
I have a screensaver that automatically adjusts the brightness of my screen and if I in earlier versions did not set the Automatic DIsplay Brightness to Adjust Brightness Manuallay then the settings in On, Off and Idle were overriding my screensaver's settings.
So, now I am afraid that my screensaver will not work.

2008-09-21, 09:07
It's gone. I made an enhancement request to bring it back, though it doesn't seem to be getting much support.

Now that I've switched to a Boom in the bedroom instead of an SB2, it's not as important to me. But I do still think that changing brightness manually for all three states is not ideal.

2008-09-22, 05:20
MeSue, it looks like your enhancement request is just what I am asking for.
My problem is that I adjust the brightness depending on the sunlight outside, which I measure with a sensor, and if I can't use this setting the effect of my changes are only lasting for a short while. A bit annoying as I use one player in the bedroom.
I wonder if there could be any workaround to this?

Many thanks.


2008-10-13, 12:58
I just found the solution in the plugin AutoDisplay.
So, to change the brightness I use the line: