View Full Version : No SoftSqueeze Icon

2008-09-20, 03:10
I have SC7.2 on my Vista x64 machine.

When I click on the SoftSqueeze option in the web interface SoftSqueeze installs and I can use it OK but an icon is never added to my start menu so that I can open SoftSqueeze again without going back to the web page.

Does anyone know why this is and how I can add a shortcut? I have no idea what the location is of the SoftSqueeze executable.


2008-09-20, 16:39
Softsqueeze isn't a regular executable, so things are a little different. Try this:

Open up Control Panel and open the Java module.
On the General tab you should see a Temporary Internet Files section at the bottom, hit the View button on that.
The window which opens up should list Softsqueeze, right click on that and select "Install Shortcuts" - you should now have a desktop icon and something in the Start Menu.

2008-09-21, 00:19
Perfect, thanks very much!