View Full Version : Gapless Internet Access on SoftSqueeze

2008-09-19, 11:20
I've set up my SqueezeCenter so that it can be accessed over the internet, and I've installed SoftSqueeze on my computer at work so that I can listen to my collection on my home computer. However, it is inconsistent in providing gapless playback when I am listening to OGG files.

I've been monitoring the network traffic on my computer, and I've noticed that if I am listening to MP3 files it looks like SqueezeCenter starts sending the next file a few seconds before the current file finishes playing. However, if I'm listening to OGG files, SqueezeCenter usually does not start sending the next file until the current file has stopped playing. This causes a rather large gap in playback. Sometimes the SqueezeCenter does start sending the file early, in which case playback is gapless.

Has anyone else come across this behavior? Is there anything that I can do to fix it?

2008-09-19, 11:29
I don't believe gapless playback is supported with softsqueeze. It is using the Java mp3 decoder, which does not support gapless playback.

I'm not sure about ogg files though. The limiting factor here is the Java playback engine.

2008-09-19, 11:39
In my experience it does seem to provide gapless playback for OGG files, but only if it preloads the file. And it does that inconsistently.