View Full Version : SqueezeCenter fails to start after SP3->SP2 downgrade

2008-09-19, 06:36
ok, I have this weird situation where I had for some reason to downgrade my Windows XP from service pack 3 to service pack 2 (Samsung scanner drivers...)

Since the latest version (7.2) of Squeezecenter had been installed when service pack 3 was installed, after the downgrade it didn't work anymore.

Now I've tried to completely delete Squeezecenter, re-install and had no success to ever get it to start up properly:
- Squeezetray says starting
- My firewall tells me it tries to connect to Squeezenetwork and the update server but nothing else happens
- The web interface is not available, slimp3 and Duet can't connect
- I tried some command line logging without any success
- mysqld.exe reports ready for connections

Any hint on what else to check is really appreciated.