View Full Version : SqueezeCenter 7.2 disconnects EVDO connection

2008-09-19, 06:16
I have a confusing problem. I use EVDO (a USB cellular modem)broadband service, and I use ICS to connect to Sirius, etc. I have no router, but this setup worked flawlessly for months with SC version 7.0.

Once I upgraded SC (now, version 7.2), I began experiencing disconnects on my EVDO connection consistently every 13 to 14 minutes.

I narrowed down the cause of these disconnects to SC: If I turn off the SC service my EVDO connection stays connected indefinitely; however, once I start SC, I again lose connections every 13 to 14 minutes without fail. Very frustrating.

I have since uninstalled SC, then downgraded and reinstalled version 7.0- My connection problem has vanished.

I refuse to buy an expensive EVDO router (that is what Tech Support told me to do)-I will be moving soon and won't need EVDO. I also don't want to use an outdated version of SC.

I don't know much about networks (more now that I've had problems)- Is there something I am missing? Does SC 7.2 change something in regards to networking, or IP's or something?