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2008-09-19, 05:37
This is probably obvious to the more hardened users on this forum, so apologies up front about my ingnorance, but:

How do I set up a playlist that randomly plays all the songs off all the albums of a specific artist in my collection?

For example, randomly play songs from all my AC/DC albums....

I'll need pretty basic instructions as I definitely do not have a handle on playlists at all (the default ones are OK - I have downloaded dynamic playlists and trackstat plugins and have that working OK).

I have the SB3 classic, with the server running on Windows XP SP2 and Chrome as browser.

2008-09-19, 08:27
If you want it to play all songs for the selected artist, you just browse to the artist and hit play when you are standing on the artist and make sure shuffle is activated.

If you like to do it as a dynamic playlist which only contains about 10-20 tracks at the time, you also need to install the SQL Playlist plugin and browse to the artist, hold play down for two seconds, select "Dynamic Playlists" and select "Random songs by artist".

2008-09-19, 23:36
This is perfect thanks Erland. I am using your plugins as suggested and it all works.