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2008-09-18, 14:22
I have been using Squeezebox via a wireless connection through an O2 router (and before that a BT Home Hub)with SlimServer 6.5.n for the last year or so without any problems.

I then upgraded to SqueezeCenter 7.2 and was finding that quite often the connection would drop and the only way I could get it back again was to switch off the Squeezebox completely and go though the network configuration process again.

Thinking this was an issue with SC 7.2 I reinstalled my original SlimServer software but the same problem keeps happening.

The SB remains connected to the router so it doesn't appear to be a wireless issue but to be sure I have moved the SB right in front of the router so I get a 100% connection. I have also changed the wireless channel but all to no avail.

This is really hacking me off now as the connection barely lasts a minute or so. Sometimes it will come back for a while but ultimately it always fails.

I'd appreciate any view as to how I might be able to fix this (preferably without getting too technical).



2008-09-19, 19:18
With the SB right in front of the router, and assuming a very high signal quality, are you still getting these problems? Since the SB is so close now, is it reasonable to say that if you wire (ethernet) the two together, the problem stops?

Assuming the answers to the above are yes, my first suspicion would be the router. Routers are amazingly unreliable, and I saw this problem frequently before switching to pre-N (they seem to call them N now, but there is no official N standard as far as I am aware) routers. The problem was especially aggravated when moving into a house with other 80211.g neighbours. Again, N helped solve this.

The routers that I presently have are a Linksys 310N and a DLink 655.

2008-09-20, 07:50
Hi, thanks for the reply. I have now tried connecting SB via ethernet and get the same problem. It connects just fine, plays for a while and then drops the connection. Sometimes it will find it again by itself but always it ends up with the message "cannot connect to Slim Server".

As this problem has only occurred since I installed SqueezeCenter 7.3 (which I have subsequently uninstalled and reverted to Slim Server it feels like a software problem related to the server - perhaps some temporary file left over from SqueezeCenter 7.3.

Anyway it's driving me mad because I use Squeezebox to enable me to stream music as an accompaniment to my trumpet playing: I'm happily playing along then all of a sudden I've got no "band" behind me!

Any other ideas would be gratefully received.


2008-09-21, 11:44
Same problem here - tried two routers and can't reconnect as mentioned (even tried ethernet). Crappy software - cant believe that I paid more than $1500 for my setup.

2008-09-23, 06:15
Just an update here.

The problem appears to have been resolved after weeks of frustration. I did a registry clean up using some free software and the SB has been running happily for the last few days.

As this problem started when I installed SqueezeCenter 7.3 I uninstalled it and rolled back to SlimServer. The next question is should I risk re-installing 7.3?