View Full Version : Why doesn't album art display until after I click the details link?

2008-09-18, 13:56
Currently I'm using SqueezeCenter Version: 7.2 - 22900 but had the same problem with 7.1.

After I scan my library, the cover art doesn't display on any of the listing pages that support it, such as Albums and New Music. Only a placeholder icon displays.

However, when I click the link to display the album details, the cover art displays on that page. Then when I go back to the listing page, the cover art for that album appears as it should.

I didn't notice this problem until 7.1. Also, this is a completely fresh installation on a new PC.

I think this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find a good answer.

Running Vista Ultimate 32 bit.


2008-09-18, 14:11
Is this always and for every album, or just some of them?

Have you tried running another scan of the 'clear everything' variety?

2008-09-18, 14:46
It's happening for every album in the list, about 400 at this point. The art doesn't display until I click the details page, otherwise it's just the placeholder icon.

Yes, I've tried multiple scans of each type.

I have the cover art stored in the same folder as the music files (mostly flac but also a few downloaded mp3s) as either cover.jpg or folder.jpg. For some albums, I've also added to the tags.

2008-09-18, 20:42
There's actually a bug filed for this:


I've seen the same thing on a couple of test servers that I set up. I haven't figured out why yet. Seems that _something_ happens where the server is completely unable to recognize artwork during a scan. And for some reason the server is unable to get out of this state.