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WK 'Kling' Chong
2004-04-07, 13:31
Hi Jim,
Many have found that the position/location of your wireless adaptor can
significantly affect your signal strength and results. It might not be the
very cheapest option, but using an external unit like an access point may
give you more flexibility on positioning and re-positioning.

Good luck,

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Hi Jim,

You should be able to install a wireless adaptor in your PC (I've
tested with a USB version here, and it worked great although the
wireless signal strength wasn't great.)

You'll need to set up the network to be "ad hoc" as opposed to
"infrastructure", but after that it should be able to connect just

All the best,


On Apr 7, 2004, at 10:20 AM, Jim Dye wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am considering purchasing a Squeezebox and had a question I could
> not find addressed in the mailing list archives.
> I do not currently have a home wireless network. I don't currently
> have broadband access. The only reason I would install a wireless
> network is to connect to a Squeezebox. Would I be able to connect to a
> Squeezebox by simply installing a wireless PCI adapter, or do I also
> have to get a router/access point? I guess my question boils down to
> this. What is the least expensive way to connect my computer
> wirelessly to a Squeezebox?
> Thanks,
> Jim