View Full Version : Anyone seen this behavior with the alarm??

Howard Passman
2008-09-18, 10:42
I've been using my Boom as my alarm clock and all is well after the first incident where I scared the He** out of my wife because the volume was too loud and I played "Good Morning" by the Beatles. Think amplified rooster :-)

Anyway, it's been working fine, but when I come home I notice my DUET is running. At first I thought I might have left it running, but after this happened twice, I made it a point to make sure it was stopped. The amp isn't on so there's no sound, but the screen saver is the "Now Playing" screen saver so it's a dead giveaway over the analog clock face set up for "Stopped".

So this morning I woke up to The Zombies "She's Not There" (nice). I went downstairs and this time I looked at the SBC and sure enough it was playing my alarm clock playlist. I back arrowed 3 songs and sure enough it was "She's Not There".

I checked to see if it was sync'd on the SBC. Nope. I checked, just in case, if it was sync'd in SC. Nope.

Somehow, it is getting sync'd by the alarm. I guess the next step is to restart SC and the PC it's running on, but before I do that, I want to turn on my other SBR and see what it's doing after the alarm goes off.

Anyone else seen this behavior? Was your BB playing the Zombies this morning :-)


2008-09-18, 12:16
Sounds like it could be connected to what is being discussed in this thread:

I probably did wake up to an alarm on the day that what I described there happened. It hasn't happened again to me, but that was probably the last time I used an alarm.

Howard Passman
2008-09-18, 12:58
I found that under "Settings" "Player" "Syncronization" it was set to my other SB. Darn, how many places can you syncronize the players?