View Full Version : SB3 functionality question?

2008-09-18, 01:37
Just a quick one. I was in now playing last night, playing kings of leon which i'd found by searching for artist and then scrolling through the list of albums and played one of their albums. after playing it for a while I pressed now playing, and then right to go to the info, I then scrolled through to albums I then found "radio one live lounge ver2" and pressed play. It would then play track 10 by the kings of leon and thats it, when I wanted to play the whole comilation album.

I thought previously that when you were in now playing and your scrolled through to other albums it would then give you the whole album if you told it to play and not just the tracks by the same artist? Or am I wrong?

Thanks in advance for any response.

2008-09-18, 05:33
I think I raised a bug about this a while ago, if you can find it add a vote :)

2008-09-18, 05:39