View Full Version : SC 7.2: Album-Sort on Controller vs. SC

2008-09-18, 00:25

Since I have upgrade from 7.0.1 to 7.2 on my QNAP 109 last night ;) on the DUET-controller the albums are sorted by BAND/ALBUM ARTIST and not - like on the Web-interface and correctly - by the name of the albums. The TPE2-tag is set to album artist and to band in a second version. Composer and Band are checked.
Why the sort is different? Whow I can change it the sort by album name on the controller?

One more problem: Player / Audio
The preamp volume control does not work on my analog outputs of my Duet receivers. Changing from 0 to 63 db has no effect to the volume.

Help is very welcome!

Best regards