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2008-09-17, 14:02
Hi all

I have all my audiobooks in a folder called "audiobooks", all the rest is is a folder called "music".

Is there really no way to show the folder "audiobooks" ONLY in "Music Folder" view (directory browsing), and NOT in the artist/album view?

I already tried the ignoreDirRE setting in server.prefs ( see http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=49255), and i was very happy my audiobooks did not show up in the artist/album view anymore... but only until i recognized, that they were aleo gone in the "Music Folder" view :-|

I there no way to do this? Thanks for any hints.


2008-09-18, 16:02
you could change all the id3tags to artist ZZZZ and album ZZZZ. this would leave the file structure intact, but remove all the artists and albums from the scan (well apart from "ZZZZ"

2008-09-19, 11:59
I'd suggest taking a look at the multiple library plugin that way you can create two separate libraries, one for music and one for audiobooks. Then when you really do want to listen to an audiobook you can use that library and have all the SC capability at your disposal. Though it might require bending some of the tags a little.

2008-09-21, 08:44
Thanks for that guys. I'll give the multiple library plugin a try.

A possibility for excluding some folders from scanning and leave them in the "Music Folder" view would be a very nice function, though...

2008-09-21, 09:47
Why not just add that folder as a favorite and not going to it through the folder browser but via favorites?

2008-09-21, 09:50
Custom browse can do exactly what you want. You can create your own menus and in or exclude items based a various criteria (i.e. comment tags or descriptions).

2008-09-21, 09:59
Why not just add that folder as a favorite and not going to it through the folder browser but via favorites?

oops you can't seem to add a folder as a fav.

2008-09-21, 13:24
I had the same request as the OP and went for the ZZZZ solution. Seemed the most straight forward. Works ok but you'll have to remove all "tag guessing" from the scanner settings. For some reason some of the ZZZZ tags weren't valid and the albums still showed up based on folders.