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2008-09-17, 08:44

i have some problems with my playlists on the duet.

bevor i have bought my duet i have a partion F:\ with all my mp3s on it. Now i have a NAS and i copied all my mp3s to my NAS and shared it on a network folder F:/
So it's the same like befor. With Winamp my old Playlists are working fine - all songs can be played - so the shared folder (f:/) is ok.

The Duet is playing the mp3s from the same folder. So Winamp and Squeezecenter (duet) use the same folder on the NAS.

I copied the playlists in the folder of the squeezecenter but it is not possible to play the playlists with the duet.

I looked at the playlists files - so maybe there is the problem. There is the hole path F:\...., so the duet maybe don't find the songs because the don't know the path F:\

But is it possible to take the playlists from winamp? For me its better to create or modify the playlists with winamp and play them with the duet.

I hope somebody can help me.
Best regards

2008-09-17, 09:01
A playlist is just a list of textual links to the music on your drives. As you have discovered, in order to find the music, SC needs to "see" the path to the files in the same way that it sees the path to your music files.

What I'm not clear on from your email is what the path of your music library is in Squeezecenter? When you set up your music library - what did you give as the top level folder - F:/<MusicFolder>/ or something else?

So, for example, if you have given Squeezecenter the path "//NAS/Share" as your music library, then you need to change the start of each path in the playlist from F:/<MusicFolder>/Song.mp3 to //NAS/Share/song.mp3 or whatever. Easy to do using find and replace.

However, if your music library path in Squeezecenter is F:/<MusicFolder> then that path should work fine for the playlists. If it isn't I would test the format by creating a playlist in Squeezecenter of a few tracks, saving it and then opening it up in a text editor like notepad or wordpad. What is the path that Squeezecenter has used for the playlist and is it different from what Winamp uses?

The final thought I have is that if the path in the winamp playlist is "F:/..." then this is a relative path, and may not work - Squeezecenter needs absolute paths I believe. You need to find and replace "F:/..." with "F:/<MusicFolder>" - then do a playlist rescan and the playlist should work

Also, make sure you have a Playlist Directory set in Squeezecenter.

2008-09-17, 09:27

yes thats what i think, too.
on the squeezecenter the path to my music is /volume1/music/album/song.mp3 on the playlists the path is F:\album\song.mp3

I don't think i can change the path in the squeezecenter in F:\ because the NAS don't know the F:\ (this is just the name of the shared folder in windows).

so i have to modify the playlist file from F:\ in /volume1/music/ but there is another problem, because in the playlist file there is a "\" like windows it use, the squeezecenter has a "/" for the path.

I think it is not very easy to modify the playlist. If i change the playlist with winamp i have to modify it again...so it is not very quick.

Maybe it is the better solution to create a playlist with the duet. But i don't know how can i do this with the duet controller... :(
There is just the option to add it to favorites.

I'm very new in this, so i hope this is not a stupid question. And sorry for my bad english.

EDIT: Ah ok i check now how i create a playlist with the controller. Is it possible to say that the duet should add a song to a special playlist and not to the actual playlist?

2008-09-17, 09:58
I don't think it would be as hard as all that to update the playlist every time. Are you on Windows? I used to have a tiny utility (freeware) which will do the "find and replace" for you - it doesn't run automatically - you would still need to tell it you've updated the playlist and then run the utility. Will see if I can find it for you.

In relation to making playlists on the SB, using the web interface is the easiest way. You can reorder songs very easily with Default or SlimFX skins.

With the controller, you can't add a song to a specific (already created) playlist, only to the current one - so if you are amending a current playlist you would need to add it to Now Playing (not necessarily play it) then amend it, then resave it with the same name as the original. Hence why I think the web interface is easier!


2008-09-17, 13:04
yes i use windows. so if you find the search and replace tool it would be very nice if you can send me the link where i can download it.
you are right, this should not be a big problem to modify the playlist in this way that the duet can read the format.
Thanks a lot for your help
Best regards

2008-09-17, 13:38
You have private mail.

2008-10-09, 04:05
guys, i am SO happy i found this thread!

i think i am suffering the same problems as phatair. first to clarify: i am running SC 7.2 directly on my nas box (SSOTS), NOT accessing the NAS with SC from a windows machine. so my issues can not be solved with an intelligent drive remapping. (or can they?)
@phatair, is this your setup too?

i also recently migrated to a nas server. while my songs on windows were in: F:\music\...

they now are in: /volume1/Music/...

as you, siduhe have suggested, i opened my *.m3u files in windows' notepad and then used its built-in find+replace to replace:
F:\music\ --> /volume1/Music/ (phatair: linux is CaSe SenSiTive!)

then, i replaced:
\ --> / (to make the paths linux-compatible)

voilá: worked like a charm! :-)

but now, i have no more method of editing/modifying the playlists, except finding/replacing everytime i want to change them. very cumbersome.

what do all the other SSOTS / SSODS / Linux NAS users use to edit their playlists?

web-UI is not an option for me, since loading and modifying a 700 track playlist in SC running on a qnap nas is *way* too slow! (just moving a track up or down takes about 6-7 sec. every time i click the button!)

2008-10-09, 04:44
hi siduhe!

thx for the tool - it is greatly appreciated. :-)

are you implying that i will need to perform

linux m3u --> windows m3u --> edit --> linux m3u

every time i need to edit the playlists?

oh man, that sounds like a drag. lots of tracks are in multiple playlists and i have ~40 of them...

isnt there a faster or more convenient way to do this?

2008-10-09, 05:00
gentlemen, i just found this: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=6447

which would fix all of my problems and possibly yours too!

if you agree, please VOTE for the enhancement - i already did. :-)