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Jeff Allison
2004-04-07, 08:31
> > I tried searching the archives for this but couldn't find anything
> > relevant. I use iTunes on Windows XP for my music
> > database. It has
> > no problems with albums and songs with "special" characters (i.e.,
> > 8-bit character codes) like "C'est bien là, n'est-ce pas"
> > by "Callas,
> > Gedda, Guiot, Massard; Prêtre". However entries like these just do
> > not show up in the Slimserver list. When I change the
> > above to "C'est
> > bien la, n'est-ce pas" by "Callas, Gedda, Guiot, Massard;
> > Pretre" it
> > appears in the Slimserver list. So while there is an easy
> workaround,
> > it'd be nice if this worked.

> > Apologies if there's an obvious bug filed for this, but I couldn't
> > find it with the bugzilla search.

> This sounds like you are NOT using iTunes? (correct?)

No, I really am using iTunes. The "Use iTunes" radio button is checked
in the Server Settings page and iTunes playlists show up on the SB.

> I think the mp3 tag code has some problems with unicode characters.
> Would you be able to send the mp3 to me, I have previously worked on
> 8-bit stuff?

Sure, if that helps. I'll send it to you shortly.

- Jeff

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