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2008-09-16, 16:05
First of all, I'd like to thank the SlimDevices team for putting together another well thought-out unit. I have had a SB for years, and was always impressed with the new free features and enhancements that were many times based on forum users' suggestions. I just got my boom a few days ago, and have enjoyed playing around with it to learn its features. So here's my two cents on what I'd like to see added to a future firmware release:

I wish there was two additional features in the favorites section:

1) I'd like to be able to add a folder of podcasts to a favorite. It appears that you can add a single podcast as a favorite, but I'd like to add the root folder (feed) of that podcast. This would allow you to have the favorite either take you to the list of podcasts for that feed, or automatically start playing the newest one. I listen to many weekly podcasts, and would love to just be able to press a button and play the newest one from that feed.

2) I'd like to be able to make one of the favorite buttons toggle an alarm on and off. I alternate between two alarms quite frequently and would like to be able to do this by pressing a favorite button (and have a brief status displayed on the screen, showing which alarm you just enabled or disabled).

And of course, if there's a way to do either of the above with the current firmware, please enlighten me. :)


2008-09-16, 16:22
Here's a Bug for 1.


Vote for it, if you want it.

2008-09-16, 16:27
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2008-09-17, 00:57
Re. just playing the most recent podcast, you may be interested to look at my recent enhancement request:


I'm asking for SC to "remember" which podcasts have already been played, and a way to display just the unplayed ones. Also for SC to "boookmark" how far through a podcast someone has played to, and therefore easily continue from this point.

Please vote for it if you think it is a good idea!