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2008-09-16, 13:27
Hi All,

I followed the instruction to enable the MusicIP Pluging but it seems to not work. Every time I activate the PlugIn and start the API Service on MusicIP the player show me the A letter to save the playlist.

How can I active successful the plugin with SC7.2?

Thanks for any input


2008-09-16, 13:39
If you are running MusicIP as an application rather than a service, there is a specific order that SC and MIP must start up in.

To test if this is your issue:

Stop Squeezecenter;
Stop MusicIP API;
Start MusicIP API;
Start Squeezecenter;
Check the MIP plugin is enabled in SC;
Do a full clear and rescan to import the MusicIP info.

You should then be able to press and hold play in Squeezecenter (whilst on a track in the player display or on the Controller) or hit the M button in the web ui to create a mix.

A lot of us run MIP "headless" to avoid this problem - good instructions at the Spicefly pages here (http://spicefly.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=5&id=16&Itemid=32) including some info about how to fix the start up order permanently if you want to keep running as you are.

2008-09-18, 06:31
Great it work for me!!!