View Full Version : SqueezeCenter Music Scan Problems With iTunes (never ending scan)

2008-09-16, 12:17
My music scans would never end gracefully... In fact, they would never end... The clock would keep counting down until the next scheduled update (which was the default 3600 seconds from the iTunes tab), and then start over...getting stuck each and every time...

After a lot of heartache and troubleshooting, here is what I learned...

* My music scans ran successfully if I uncheck the "Use iTunes" option
* When using iTunes, it kept getting stuck on an iTunes audio book, which has the file extension m4b
* After removing this file, it still got stuck, but on the next audio book, so I removed all audio books...and it scanned through...but got stuck again...
* The next file was a WMA file... I decided that perhaps it was due to some DRM problems, so I removed all WMA DRM files...
* Mission accomplished!!!

So here are my questions to everyone here:

1. Is there a known problem with iTunes m4b files (audio books) during a scan that has the "Use iTunes" option checked? This seems silly, as I would think that there are many people that have audiobooks... I have never bought any...the half dozen I have are from free downloads from iTunes...

2. Is there a known problem with DRM WMA files during a scan that has the "Use iTunes" option checked? Again, I would think this would be silly... Yet it is happening to me...and does NOT happen when I have the "Use iTunes" option unchecked...

For your information (in case it matters), I am using a Windows Vista 32bit OS with iTunes version 8 (the recently released version).

Thanks all!!!


2008-09-16, 12:25
Do these audiobooks and wma files have ampersands in their filenames?

Until recently SC choked on iTunes playlists with ampersands in their filename.

Long shot, of course.

Version of SC? Operating system?

Anything in the log files?

2008-09-16, 12:27
sorry, you're on vista., i read it properly now...

possible itunes 8 broke something

go settings > status from the SC web gui to find your log files; they'll tell the good folks here (not me, I'm too simple!) what's going on...

2008-09-16, 12:33
Thanks for your quick reply...

No...no ampersands in any of the files... I am using SC 7.2 (which I believe is the latest)...

I checked the log files, but they were useless...perhaps I need to configure the logs to be more descriptive...

2008-09-16, 12:42
I've had issues with using Itunes with SC7.2. It scanned ok (music is Apple Lossless) but would not play without stutterring and pausing. So I've unchecked the 'Use Itunes' which works.

2008-09-16, 17:13
Can anyone confirm that they have iTunes audiobook files (m4b extension) and can successfully synchronize using the "Use iTunes" option?

And also confirm that they are using Vista 32 with SC 7.2 and iTunes 8 (just to be sure it is an apples to apples comparison) :)

I am not sure why DRM WMAs should be a problem...but they seem to be causing me the same issue...

Andy Cudlip
2008-10-25, 03:31

Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I am having the same problem. Only seems to happen on "Look for new and changed music" though. Hanging on .m4b files.

I have "Use Itunes" unchecked.

I'm currently running a full scan to see if that works better.

Andy Cudlip
2008-10-31, 14:03
Full scans work fine. I have gotten around it for now by including m4b files in "Disabled Audio File Extensions". Not ideal, but at least my scans are now working.