View Full Version : 7.2 won't auto start

2008-09-16, 08:21

never had this problem since 6.0 . After upgrading to 7.2, on occasion, it won't start when I power on the server. I'm running win 2000. Tray icon just keeps blinking like when it's starting. There's a message in event log saying that subroutine main() can not be found in slimserver.pl. As I said it happens sometimes but not always. When it happens, I can kill the blinking icon and star it manually (double click on the shortcut, that is) and it starts. I have tried a clean install, but it didn't help.

Any ideas?



EDIT: Thks Siduhe for pointing out a few things that I missed to note:
- The final upgrade is from 7.1, I did go through all the versions from 6.0 and this a first time I'm experiencing this.
- no anti virus whatsoever, this is mostly music server. No software firewall on the server either.
- no any other changes to the PC server between 7.1 and 7.2

2008-09-16, 09:16
Normally this kind of behaviour would suggest an antivirus or firewall issue - do you have either installed, and have you added a new/updated exception for Squeezecenter after the upgrade.

I'm not clear if you have actually upgraded from 6.0 (seems unlikely!) but if you have, you would need to update the exception to Squeezecenter, as it used to be Slimserver.