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2008-09-15, 13:46
When I run the scan I keep getting an error in Skin\Schema.pm. I want to fix the error but I don't know how to compile the file. Can someone help me?

I have done a lot of searches but I haven't found the answer. My SqueezeCenter runs on a Windows 2000 PC.

Bent Pedersen

2008-09-15, 14:52
If you use the windows installer, then you'd need the Perl Dev Kit from activestate. This is not free so not feasible for most.

Your other option is to avoid using the built-in windows server and install the free ActivePerl from Activestate.com. This way, you can run

c:\program files\squeezecenter\server\slimerver.pl

This will use any changes to make to the perl modules. You can then file a report at bugs.slimdevices.com and attach a patch (diff -upB format preferred).