View Full Version : Wireless SB3 won't obtain IP

2008-09-15, 10:46
We had a power failure last night and the upstairs SB3 no longer gains an IP.

Here's the setup. WRT54G with dd-wrt firmware
Two SB3s connected wirelessly, one on the main floor, on the on the top floor.

When I go through the setup of the SB3 it finds the network, and fails at the Obtain IP stage telling me 'cannot find DHCP server'

The other SB3 works fine, the suspect SB3 connects to the neighbour's WLAN and gets an IP. I have tried moving the suspect SB3 to the lower floor and got no change.

I plugged the suspect SB3 into a wired port on the WRT54G and it gets an IP

I reset the WRT54G to factory defaults and still no change.

Any thoughts welcome!