View Full Version : Any way to use remote for radio stations?

2008-09-15, 06:56
I would like to use my remote for the SB3 as a way to directly choose from radio station, as I do on my hifi tuner: 1 for station 1, 2 for station 2, etc.

This way, I could listen to radio through the SB3 without looking at it. Just pick up the remote, hit a button or two and make your choice of radio station. Is this possible through a smart plug-in or some such?


2008-09-15, 07:09
Save your favorite radio stations as "Favorites", and then the first 9 will be easily available if you press and hold the corresponding number key on the remote. Or it might be the first 10, with 0=10th station.

2008-09-15, 07:13
No need for a smart plugin, the standard SB3/SC setup can do this. Just assign your chosen stations as Favorites and then use the number keys - with press and hold - to select and start playing. First assigned favorite is on key 1, 2nd on key 2, etc.


2008-09-15, 07:56
Thanks guys! Did I read the user's guide that bad, or is this not a documented feature? Nice, anyway!

2008-09-15, 10:32
Now I have tested it too, and I must say that this feature made the SB3 a lot more usable, especially to the rest of the family!

... and the feature is *not* documented in my guide!