View Full Version : Auto power off Squeezebox Controller

2008-09-15, 02:36
I would like to have a feature that turns Squeezebox Controller off if no music is playing and there is no user activity for a specified period of time. That would save battery power, I think.

What do you think of that? Is it hard to implement?

2008-09-15, 03:06
Do you mean in addition to the existing Power Management settings?

As I understand it, the SBC already supports Sleep (turn off screen) and Suspend (akin to Power Off) and Wireless Power Save (turns off the wireless functionality) - which manage the battery life pretty well.

What benefit would Power Off give in addition to these options?

2008-09-15, 03:58
Looks like I have to look into power management options more deeply. Existing functions are a bit unclear for me at the moment.

2008-09-15, 04:04
Have a look at Settings/Advanced/Factory Test/Power Management/ on the SBC.

Most people have these set to:

Sleep Timeout=60
Suspend Timeout=3600
Suspend Enabled=Yes
Suspend Wake=No
Wireless Power Save=Yes

but you can play around to get your preferred combination.