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2008-09-14, 16:22
I have a squeezebox v3, Lynksys SRX 200 wireless router, a Lynksis wireless G range expaner, using a D-Link router and Verizon Fios internet. I have my computer directly connected to the the wirless router with a cat6 cable. I have continually had problems with the squeezebox stopping and rebuffering, it does this both on the squeezecenter, and network. I get a 95% to 98% wireless signal strength on the squeezebox. I expanded the buffering to 30 seconds in squeeze center. I primarily listen to internet radio off of Live 365. I also recently changed channels to #1 to minimize interference, and upgraded to v7.2. I would appreciate any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Thanks

2008-09-14, 17:36
The classic recommendation in this situation is to wire the player to the router to determine if it is really a wireless issue. If the problem continues when wired, then another solution is necessary. If the problem stops, then focusing on your wireless setup is necessary.

If you listen to your local music collection, what happens? Internet radio is only as good as the stream, and some of my favourite stations are frequently bandwidth-challenged, with frequent rebuffering as you describe. If the problem does not occur with your local collection, or if tests with other stations are more successful, it could be the station you listen to.