View Full Version : SB Boom as Alarm Clock: Squeezenetwork

2008-09-14, 13:28

Say I don't want to leave my PC running and I don't want to use wakeup on LAN (I'm not saying I wont but for the purposes of this question assume I don't) can I use the SB Boom without my server and have it wake me up with music from Squeezenetwork? Is this reliable? Does anyone do this today and how well does it work.

I find my bedroom DAB radio annoying for a number of reasons (including the display being too bright) and was thinking of replacing it with a SBB but I don't leave my server running.


2008-09-14, 13:51
I use SN and Pandora as my alarm. Seems very reliable so far.

2008-09-14, 23:10
Alarm has been entirely faultless... apart from one time when we had a power cut.

You might want to look at the threads about the display brightness on this forum. It's a very handy thing that the Boom has an ambient light sensor built into it and it'll be great when it's programmed correctly (allows screen to go dark enough at night)... hopefully in 7.2.1. Otherwise you can see the brightness to manual (settings 0-5, I think).