View Full Version : LastFM Recent Tracks

Philip Meyer
2008-09-14, 11:24
It's been a little while since I played with the official LastFM plugin, and I'm wondering if something is broken/missing.

When I navigate to "Recent tracks", I see a list of songs that have recently been scrobbled. However, the only option is to "add to favorites". I can't directly play music like the selected artist, for example.

When I go to favorites, the "song by artist" has been added as a favorite, and when I go into it, all I see are options for "Artist Bio" and "Similar Artists". There's no options to play anything from here - eg. I have to go into "Similar Artists" and select another artist and then from there I get an option to "Play Similar Artists Radio" or "Play Top Fans Radio".

I think there is no point storing the "song by artist" as a favorite - it should just be artist context, so something like "Porcupine Tree on LastFM", and then inside this have links to play similar artists and top fans radio.