View Full Version : Rhapsody not working this morning

2008-09-14, 07:52
I went to play a Rhapsody channel on both a Boom and a Duet this AM, and get an authentication error. SqueezeCenter is running just fine - is this a centralized issue at Slim that needs to be addressed? It is also working on my laptop using the Rhapsody client, so it seems Slim-related.

2008-09-14, 19:59
Am I the only person seeing this? I get this error on my Boom:

Rhapsody Internal Error: Failed Authentication (or something close to that).

I rebooted my PC running SqueezeCenter and restarted SqueezeCenter.

I then tried accessing Rhapsody through SqueezeNetwork. Same error.

I then tried deleting and re-adding my Rhapsody account. Same error.

Anyone else seeing these issues?

2008-09-14, 22:40
i constantly had rhapsody problems with my duet system. Slacker, pandora, sirius, internet radio, my library works everytime, but rhapsody was always a hit and miss... i gave up and got rid of the service. I'll stick with Napster and pray someday it'll be with squeezecenter.

2008-09-15, 08:54
Suddenly working again this AM...

2008-09-15, 18:52
Can someone with Slim / Logitech comment - was Rhapsody support out on Sunday night? I'm trying to figure out if the issue is in my setup or not...