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2008-09-12, 09:34
I am running SC 7.0 on a Thecus N5200Pro (as well as 7.2 on a RHEL4
server). And on a recent loading of some new albums I have 2 duplicate
entries for the same albums? I downloaded an MP3 Tag editor and noticed
that there was a problem with some of the tags, "And" was spelled "And"
on some songs and "and" on others and there were also different dates.

So I just used the tag editor to change all songs to have the exact same
tags (other than title and track) and then rescanned the library. The
duplicate entries remained although now I can see that the word "and" in
the album title is indeed the same and spelled as "And" so why would the
duplicates still appear?

Any ideas?

Johnny Stork
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2008-09-12, 15:52
More than likely you have got multiple sets of tags in the files. Often for MP3 files 3.1 and 3.2 versions of the tags are written. The two sets can contain completely different information.

Many tag editors may only show you, and let you edit, one version completely ignoring the other. However, I believe that SqueezeCenter reads both which is where you may be getting the duplicate album info from. Take a look with say MP3TAG and ask it to show you all the tags in the files.

Another source can be playlists. If you have added the original files to a playlist then the original tag information may be being retained.